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What are dental implants?

Ill-fitting dentures, loose or missing teeth can not only limit your lifestyle but also your self-confidence. Avoiding certain foods, feeling self-conscious about your smile, and possibly even worrying what people may think of your smile. Life is far too short for concerning yourself with a problem than can easily be fixed!

If you would prefer a more permanent solution to removable dentures, then dental implants are the answer you’ve been looking for. A tooth implant is a titanium screw which once implanted, fuses with your jawbone to ensure strength and durability. The implant will provide stability to the jawbone without damaging any surrounding teeth, if a full set of dental implants is not required. The number of implants required is entirely dependent on the strength of your jawbone and how many teeth need replacing. Your dentist will discuss this in-depth with you during your consultation.

Here at The Smile Clinic, we can assure you of our quality of service. Our Principal dental surgeon, Chris Smirthwaite has been administering dental implants for many years with great success. Patients have left our practice with a new-found confidence with their smile.

So if you are looking to get dental implants, please get in touch to book an appointment or call our dental clinic in Liskeard on 01579 342348.

What can dental implants do for me?

  • Restore the mouth’s full function
  • Provide a secure anchor for dentures and bridges
  • Replace a missing or broken tooth/set of teeth

What is the process?


At your initial 30-minute consultation, your dentist will discuss your dental history with you, fully examine your teeth and perform an x-ray on your mouth. They will also create a mould of your teeth from which the dental implant will be constructed. The mould ensures that the implant fits your mouth perfectly as to give you the best possible outcome from your treatment.


The placement of your tooth implant is a relatively simple, minor surgical procedure. Local anaesthetic is administered but for particularly nervous patients, the option for sedation can be discussed in your consultation. The titanium dental implant is placed onto your jawbone and will fuse to the bone itself.


Over a period of up to 6 months, the dental implant will settle within your mouth and fully fuse to your jawbone. During this period, temporary dentures or bridgework can be worn until the tooth implant is ready to be cosmetically enhanced. After the dental implant is fused, natural looking crowns are added. The crown is shade matched and shaped to your liking as to give as much of an original, but improved look as possible. You can now smile with confidence!

Dental Implants FAQs

Why choose The Smile Centre for implants?

Our Principal dental surgeon, Chris Smirthwaite has been administering dental implants for many years with great success. You can be assured that the service you will receive at The Smile Centre will be of the highest quality.

Do you have any payment options?

Yes, we offer interest free finance to help spread the cost of dental implant treatment at The Smile Centre Liskeard. Ask us for details at your initial consultation.

Can anyone have oral implants?

Yes, if you are over 18 and in reasonably good health. The main limitation is the amount of bone available. Our thorough assessment will determine whether dental implants are the right option for you.

Would I be suitable?

The suitability for dental implants is assessed on an individual basis. At your implant assessment consultation, your mouth would first be examined, and then appropriate x-rays, models and photographs taken. If dental implants are appropriate, a full treatment plan would be developed together with an estimate of the costs of providing the treatment.

Do dental implants hurt?

No. All treatment is carried out under a local anaesthetic and for very nervous patients we can offer dental sedation.