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What To Do When You Lose A Tooth

If the worst happens, and you lose a tooth, don’t worry – there may be steps you can take and procedures you can have to sort the problem. Our dentists, serving Bodmin and the surrounding areas, talk a few scenarios here in today’s blog post, so you’re more informed about what to do if this […]

Clear Vs Metal Braces

Posted by on Jan 17, 2022 in Uncategorized | No Comments

What is a clear brace? The market-leading clear brace is Invisalign – a totemic improvement in smile-correction dentistry. Clear braces are better and more convenient than metal braces, in many ways, although metal braces still have their place, especially for more complicated remedies. Unlike the traditional wire and bracket design, Invisalign uses a progression of […]

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2021 in dental implants | No Comments

Our dental practice, based in Liskeard, offers state-of-the-art dental treatments. Teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth straightening – there’s so much we can do for our patients, reviving and restoring your smile, or correcting past problems. Today, we’re looking at dental implants. A restorative treatment like no other, these clever false teeth can fill gaps in […]

How To Clean Dentures

Posted by on Oct 21, 2021 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Dentures are false teeth that look and act like the real thing – and lots of our patients have enjoyed renewed confidence, restored appearance and even a better quality of life thanks to this handy dental apparatus. But how do you clean and care for your dentures? What should you avoid? What should you do […]

Dentures Vs Dental Implants

Posted by on Sep 27, 2021 in dental implants, dentures Cornwall | No Comments

Replacing missing teeth restores bite and chewing function, supports the structure of the face, improves your speech and, best of all, enhances your smile. But have you ever wondered which is the best option for you – dentures or dental implants? Today, our team of top dentists serving Liskeard detail the pros and cons of […]

Benefits Of Invisalign Braces

Posted by on Aug 13, 2021 in Invisalign | No Comments

Invisalign™ is one of the biggest names in braces. Why? Well, you’re about to find out! In today’s post, we’ll put the treatment under the microscope, sharing why we think it’s so incredible and just what you could expect from the treatment if you decide to take the plunge. Here are some of the main […]

How Does Invisalign Work?

Posted by on Jul 12, 2021 in Invisalign | No Comments

It’s a question our patients often ask us, so today, we’ll talk you through the treatment process for this popular clear brace. Along the way, we’ll capture some of the benefits of Invisalign, helping you make the choice about whether it’s the right treatment for you.  Step 1: Consultation The first stage on your Invisalign […]

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Posted by on Jun 19, 2021 in dental implants | No Comments

Our teeth help us talk, smile, laugh, chew, bite and more – and often without even thinking about it. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your smile, and ensure it’s strong, healthy and bright. In this post, we’ll talk about missing teeth and how to get your teeth back on track, by […]

What To Expect From A Smile Makeover

Welcome to our Smile Makeover blog. In this post, our dentists talk through all the advantages of our makeover, what to expect from your treatment and results, and how to get in touch to book yours.  So, what exactly is a Smile Makeover? It’s a tailored treatment we offer here at our Liskeard dental practice. […]

What To Expect From Dentures

Posted by on Apr 20, 2021 in denture-wearers | No Comments

Our friendly dental practice, based in Liskeard, has been helping patients smile happily and comfortably for years. From everyday dentistry to more complex cases, such as dentures, we work hard to give you a smile that both looks and acts the part. Here’s what you can expect when you undergo dentures treatment with our top dentists.  1) Natural-looking teeth One of […]