New Patients

The Smile Centre

New patient appointment includes the following;​​

  • ✓ 45 minutes appointment
  • ✓ Oral cancer screening
  • ✓ Extensive assessment of teeth & gums
  • ✓ Extensive advice with regards to looking after your teeth at home
  • ✓ X-Rays
FROM £172
New Patients
FROM £172
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We have a friendly welcome team of Amy and Carla who can assist you by booking an appointment by calling us on 01579 342348 Alternatively, you can book online.

What to expect before your appointment

A welcome pack will be sent to you before your appointment. The welcome pack can be mailed or emailed to you, depending on your preference. There will be information about your dentist in your welcome pack as well as a medical history form and a COVID screening form which will be requested of you before your appointment. For those who are nervous about their visit or fear the dentist, we offer 'get-to-know-you sessions'. Please ask our team about our 'get to know you' sessions upon booking for more information.

Upon arrival

It's time to check in for your appointment! You are welcome to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you wait for your appointment with our friendly welcome team. Our welcome team will request that you complete the forms included in your welcome pack if you have not done so already.

Meeting your dentist!

You will be met in our waiting area by the dental team; Chris, Dan, or Lauren.

For the first examination, you will spend some time in the chair and some time away from the chair; the session can last up to an hour. You may not need all the time, but if you have a lot to discuss, we want to give you the time to do so.

As part of your examination, the dentist will ask about your general dental health, if there are any things you dislike, if there are any things you enjoy, as well as what you hope to accomplish during your appointment. Listening, empathising, and suggesting solutions are what we do, no matter what. Your dental appointment may not involve much time in the dental chair, with only an examination when it's time.

As part of our comprehensive exams, we always include an oral cancer screening and take any necessary radiographs. Our nurses are trained in dealing with anxiety and can hold your hand or offer some support if you wish if you feel nervous. We have fidget spinners and stress relievers to keep your mind busy. This appointment is either geared towards creating a treatment plan with you if that's necessary or confirming with you that you don't require any treatment.

What happens next?

Our welcome team will be waiting for you at the front desk where further appointments can be made for treatment with your dentist or for you to book with one of our hygiene team members, Vicky, Maxine, or Hannah. If no further treatment is required, the welcome team will keep you updated about any relevant recalls or reminders.

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