Are Dental Implants right for me?

The dental implants we supply from our Liskeard, Smile Centre practice are natural-looking replacement teeth, which are anchored securely into the mouth via a titanium screw in the jawbone. As well as filling a gap in your smile after tooth loss, our Liskeard tooth implants will help keep the jawbone healthy by stimulating it. If you lose a tooth and don’t seek a replacement, you are making yourself vulnerable to jawbone atrophy. This condition will have a knock-on effect on your looks, prematurely ageing you.

A dental implant prosthesis will not only give you a tooth that will help you continue to speak clearly and chew your food effectively, but also preserve your facial good looks for longer. It will give you confidence in your smile, which you may have lost, if you feel embarrassed about having a tooth missing.

What you need to know before getting a dental implant in Liskeard

Before you have a dental implant fitted, you will have your mouth assessed to ensure your jawbone is of sufficient quality and that the process of atrophy has not yet begun. Should some deterioration be present, then the process of fitting the implant may be more invasive and require some bone grafting.

Once the dental implant has been fitted into the gum, it will take several months to heal. You’ll have a temporary crown placed initially, so you won’t be left without a prosthesis at any point. Your permanent crown will be tailored to fit your teeth exactly and fitted once the gum has fully healed.

Should you have more than one tooth missing, it’s not necessary to replace each individual tooth with a dental implant from our Liskeard practice. A row of crowns can be anchored in place with a single implant at either end and a full mouthful of teeth can be provided with just a few implants.

Once your tooth implant is healed, you’ll find it perfectly comfortable and will soon forget it’s there. It’s permanent and should last for over 30 years. You’ll look after it as you would your natural teeth, brushing it daily.

How quickly should you have a dental implant fitted following the loss of a tooth?

Ideally, you will make your enquiries about dental implants immediately following tooth loss to preserve the health of your jawbone, restore your smile and make the procedure as quick and painless as possible for you. The best way to find out more is to give us a call and book yourself in for a consultation. When we meet you in person, we’ll be able to examine your teeth and act quickly.

The benefits of having a dental implant far outweigh the benefits of doing nothing. You won’t suddenly age quickly, you won’t lose confidence in your smile and you won’t suffer from slurred speech, or bite problems due to chewing on one side of your mouth; the side where you have teeth remaining. Contact The Smile Centre today and we will be happy to discuss tooth implants further with you.