Toby’s expedition to Ecuador!

Camps International – Camp Ecuador

My name is Toby, and I’m a Sixth Form student at Liskeard School and Community College. In July 2018 I will be participating in an expedition to Ecuador in South America with Camps International. This will be a four week expedition and will include community development work, environmental projects and wildlife conservation. To help fund this expedition, The Smile Centre has kindly donated towards my trip.

The main objectives of the expedition are to take part in projects to:

  • help raise the education and living standards of developing communities within the country;
  • assist with wildlife conservation programmes to preserve the large range of diversity found in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and protect the vulnerable habitats found within

This expedition is one of great importance to me. I am currently studying Biology and Environmental Studies at A level, and through this I have found a passion for our living world, its great diversity, and how and why we need to protect it. My expedition to a country that is home to a part of the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, that despite being a biodiversity hotspot, it is under major threat from deforestation. That is why I am so eager to take part in this expedition, as it will allow me to apply my interests of conservation and biodiversity at college to the real world. I am also excited for the chance to help the local people to sustain and develop their community, through projects such as school kitchen and classroom improvements.