What To Expect From Dentures

Our friendly dental practice, based in Liskeard, has been helping patients smile happily and comfortably for years. From everyday dentistry to more complex cases, such as dentures, we work hard to give you a smile that both looks and acts the part. Here’s what you can expect when you undergo dentures treatment with our top dentists. 

1) Natural-looking teeth

One of the main draws of dentures is that they can replace your teeth with a realistic dental appliance. With such a long history at helping transform smiles, the materials used have improved over time for results that look natural and suite in with any remaining teeth you may have. 

2) Durable and dependable

Our dentists understand how important it is to trust in your teeth. Whether it’s feeling free to laugh and smile again, or being able to rely on them for eating and chewing, dentures restore your confidence and freedom, while being strong and sturdy enough to withstand everyday use. All it takes to keep them in place is a slick of dental fixative – our dentists can advise on the best brands on the market – and you’re ready to go.

3) Anti-ageing benefits

It might seem surprising that a dental appliance could have anti-ageing qualities, but with dentures, you’re helping restore the structure of the mouth, teeth and gums – which, in turn, supports your face. Wearing dentures can help combat saggy skin that’s caused by missing teeth, helping you look and feel more youthful and attractive. 

4) Improved oral health

Dentures are a great way to keep your mouth and gums functioning as they should, and can even help prevent gum and bone recession. This is through creating strong biting and chewing forces. If your gums and jaw bone do recede, it can lead to further tooth loss and a build-up of damaging bacteria in the mouth. It’s one reason why we insist on regular appointments with our expert dentists.

Of course, there are lots of other things you can expect from dentures and reasons to try the treatment. It’s quick and convenient to carry out, with appliances moulded to your mouth, and it can be a cheaper and less invasive alternative to procedures such as dental implants. 

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