3 Ways We Can Enhance Your Smile

Here at The Smile Centre, a dental practice in Liskeard, we’re experts in all things dental. From general treatments to cosmetics, we’ve been helping patients with their smiles for years, and are known throughout Cornwall for our care and expertise.

3 Ways We Can Enhance Your Smile

In this post, we’re sharing just 3 ways the team here at our Liskeard dental practice can give you a smile makeover, giving you teeth that you’ll be proud to show when you laugh and smile – for years to come. 

Dental implants

Whether your teeth were extracted for decay or due to injury, or they’ve become loose due to problems with your gum, dental implants can help fill those gaps in your smile. In fact, you may have heard of implant-retained bridges and dentures – just another way dental implants can restore the aesthetics and function of your teeth.

Dental implants are custom-made for your smile and will suit in with the shade of your natural teeth. The artificial root is placed after making a small incision in the gums, and when healed, your beautiful, bespoke crown is fitted to finish the tooth. 

Invisalign braces

Our Liskeard dental practice is proud to offer Invisalign braces to our patients – a revolutionary, innovative treatment that works like fixed braces, only treats teeth using clear, removable aligners. Invisalign braces are known for being discreet and comfortable, and are a more gentle teeth-straightening option – just switch out your trays every couple of weeks to make the next adjustments.

When you choose Invisalign braces, we’ll create an image of your smile as it changes over treatment, as well as what your results will look like. There’s even an app to help you track your progress!

Teeth whitening

Beautiful, brilliant teeth can be achieved by those with even dull and stained smiles through the lifting power of teeth whitening treatment. Using a special teeth whitening gel, we can help restore the brilliance of your teeth without damaging your precious enamel – perfect for those looking to refresh their smile.

Our teeth whitening treatment is much more powerful and effective than ones off the high street – and maybe safer for your smile, too. We’ll be able to give you an indication of how much brighter we can take your teeth ahead of treatment – all you’ll need to do is relax!

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