All about implant retained dentures

It used to be a joke included on all British sitcoms; that granny or grandpa’s dentures would fall out of their mouth at an inopportune moment. These days, with modern implant-supported dentures, that simply couldn’t happen! Gone are the days when dentures were attached to the jaw using a combination of adhesive and suction. Gone are the days when having dentures meant you would more than likely inherit a speech impediment, as well as struggle to keep the things in place in your mouth. And also gone are the days when you had to keep your dentures in a glass by the bed overnight.

What are dentures?

Modern dentures are anchored securely into the mouth using dental implants. They look and feel like real, natural teeth and you won’t be able to remove them. This also means there’s no chance of them ever falling out. Rather than your speech becoming less clear, it should become clearer, particularly if you’ve had dentures fitted to replace a number of missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a single false tooth, which is fitted so securely into the jaw, the titanium root of it fuses with your jawbone. The top of the implant pokes through the gum and to this, a crown, which is designed to mimic the tooth you lost, is attached to it. Implant supported dentures consist of bridges, onto which a number of crowns in a row are attached. Each bridge is held in place with a dental implant at each end. It’s entirely possible to have a full mouthful of dentures fitted using just 4 to 6 implants!

Benefits of implant retained dentures

Once in place, your dentures will look like natural teeth. They can be kept clean in the same way and will do everything you need teeth to do, such as smile with confidence, eat more easily and speak without worrying about slurring your words. When teeth fall out, or are extracted, it’s possible to have a replacement tooth fitted the same day. You could be enjoying the benefits of your new dentures in just a few days time.

The health benefits

Whenever you chew your food, your tooth roots are tickling your jawbone! Jawbones needs tooth roots to stimulate them in order to remain healthy. The titanium roots of dental implants will do the same thing to maintain jawbone health. If you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, then this area of the jawbone is not getting any action. The result of this is jawbone atrophy; a biological action which will have an aesthetic effect on your face, prematurely ageing you, and giving you the ‘caved in’ look that is often associated with traditional denture wearers. Dental implant supported dentures can keep you looking younger for longer.

Are you a suitable candidate?

Most people can be fitted with dental implants, but the quality of your jawbone will determine how invasive the treatment will have to be to fit them. If you visit the dentist as soon as you can following tooth loss, the procedure should be easy to administer, but the longer the delay, the more likely it will be that your dentist will suggest a little bone grafting beforehand in order to fit the dentures. If you’re interested in gaining some prosthetic teeth and restoring your smile, please get in touch. Our team at The Smile Centre dental practice will happy to book you in for a consultation.