What does a dental hygienist do?

We all know to visit the dentist, right? We teach our children the importance of it and (hopefully) you continue to come to your appointments as adults. However, lots of people don’t visit their dental hygienist or, even worse, don’t see the point! Visiting the dental hygienist has many benefits, so here’s what they do for your dental health…

Your dental hygienist cares for your mouth, gums, and general dental wellbeing. You could book an appointment whenever you notice issues or are detecting changes in your mouth, but your dental hygienist wants to see you for regular maintenance appointments to make sure these changes don’t occur in the first place.

Identifying health problems

Your dental hygienist will help you identify any potential problems, areas for concern, and what you’re doing right to keep you up to date on your dental health. They’ll probably spot some signs that you’d missed yourself, and they’ll be ready with advice on how best to treat these signs. We’ll help you spot tooth decay, plaque build-up, tartar deposits, and any worrying signs of maladies yet to come…

Gum disease prevention and treatment

Gum disease is so crazily common, yet even more crazily preventable. It’s so common that almost every adult in the UK has some form of it, regardless of severity. You might notice symptoms such as receding gums, bleeding gums when brushing, inflammation, swelling, and redness, and these are all signs you have gum disease and should seek a dental hygienist. It can become very serious when left untreated and can even lead to tooth loss. This can be prevented with the right treatments and care, including professional cleaning, plaque removal, and tartar removal. They can even advise on the best products to use at home, as well as keeping their eyes open for any more warning signs in the future.

Lifestyle advice

Lots of adults neglect brushing, flossing, and rinsing their mouth around with mouthwash on a daily basis. At the Smile Centre in Cornwall, our dental hygienists are proud to champion preventative dental care, meaning we work to prevent problems before the need for treating them occurs. Of course, if you’re already noticing symptoms then of course we treat them, but we help you prevent them in the first place anyway! There are certain common lifestyle choices, such as smoking, that detract from your dental health and can contribute to the development of mouth cancer, but we’ll help you cut back on these harmful habits.

Don’t neglect the dental hygienist!

Visiting the dentist is something we all know we should do. They’re a doctor for your teeth, essentially, and so ever since we were children we’ve known of the importance of the dentist. However, the same attention isn’t paid to dental hygienists who’s calling is to tend to your oral health and gum health. Your mouth is made up of more than your teeth, and it’s your gums and roots that keep their foundations strong in the first place, so its mind boggling why we neglect a visit to the dental hygienist!

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