Bad breath? Kiss goodbye to a second date says dental survey

Before seeking out your Valentine this year, make sure your oral health is up to a loveable standard, urge our Liskeard dentists. Bad breath has topped the list of reasons putting people off asking for second dates, research has shown.

A study by the Oral Health Foundation revealed 35% of people find bad breath to be the biggest turn off, followed by ‘bad chat’ with 11% of respondents. Being badly dressed was named by only 2% of respondents as their biggest turn off.

Passion killer

Bad breath can be a real passion killer, says Chris Smirthwaite from The Smile Centre in Liskeard, Cornwall.

It is a common problem that is usually caused by the gases released by bacteria that coat the teeth and tongue, and can often be a sign of advanced gum disease. Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved by the simple oral health routine of brushing our teeth for two minutes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Knowing you have fresh breath does wonders for your self-confidence and relationships. The opposite is true for people with bad breath.

“This research highlights the very important, and close, relationship between oral health and attraction,” said Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation.

Improving our oral hygiene

“We all know that a healthy smile can be a very powerful instrument for attracting a partner and avoiding bad breath is a key part of achieving this.”

Some medical problems may be the cause of bad breath including sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, and infections of the nose, throat and lungs. However, bad breath is most often caused by a lack of good oral hygiene.

We’re here to help

If you are worried that your breath isn’t as fresh smelling as it could be, don’t worry – and please don’t feel embarrassed. Our dentists and hygienists deal with this problem all the time, so please ask for their help and advice.