Dental Secrets Of The Stars

Celebrities are no stranger to a good dentist. In capable hands, they can achieve a beautiful smile worthy of the red carpet – and so can you! While our expert dentists here at our studio near Liskeard can’t share which celebs have chosen which treatments (they are secrets, after all!) we can help highlight the procedures we recommend for that ‘X’ factor. In this post, we’re handing out an Oscar to each of our star treatments.

Teeth whitening

It wouldn’t be Hollywood without an array of dazzling white smiles! In fact, many people consider The Hills to be the destination that started the craze for brighter teeth. There’s an interesting psychology at play, too: whiter smiles are associated with better health, with in turn is associated with youth – two factors which can fuel how attractive you appear. Our teeth whitening treatment is amongst the best in the business and our patients love how quick, easy and effective it is.

Dental implants

You may not think that a restorative treatment has a place on this list, but we had to include it for the incredible results that can be achieved. Dental implants replace missing teeth with a false one which looks and works just like your natural smile, restoring strength and appearance to your smile.


Many people don’t consider adult braces to be a cosmetic treatment, but our dentists near Liskeard are increasingly seeing a demand for Invisalign clear braces. These clever adult braces correct the positioning of the teeth over time, using a series of plastic aligners. You probably won’t know if any famous people have had Invisalign, owing to the design of the clear braces, which renders them virtually invisible. In addition, they can be removed with ease – so perhaps the big names are simply removing them for their awards shows!

Dental appointments

We’ve all heard about the two-minute rule for tooth-brushing, and we all know that check-ups are a key cornerstone of our dental health. Red carpet aficionados know this too, and invest in the health of their smiles, as well as the appearance. Our expert dentists will help clean and care for your smile to keep it looking its best, while being healthy, too.

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Serving areas such as Bodmin and Liskeard, our dentists offer a range of treatments that can help you feel confident and happy with your smile. From dental implants and Invisalign to check-ups and teeth whitening, we’ve got all the leading names at our dental practice and will work hard to give you a smile you’ll want to show off – just like your favourite star!