Smoking & Oral Health

Doctors, dentists and scientists have known for decades that smoking has negative effects on your general and oral health – yet many patients still struggle to kick the habit, and some are unaware just how dangerous smoking is for your health and wellbeing.

In this post, our expert dentists, based at our dental practice near Bodmin, share some reasons why smoking is bad for your oral health.

1.Gum disease

It’s one of the big reasons we always advise our patients to quit – they’re putting themselves at risk of developing inflamed gums, which can lead to gum disease and ultimately, periodontitis. This serious problem degrades gum and bone while leaving teeth loose and at danger of falling out.

2.Oral cancer

Many of us associate smoking and cancer without thinking of which types it’s connected to. Some of our patients haven’t even heard of oral cancer, which means they won’t know the signs to look for. Luckily, our dentists can help identify oral cancer during routine check-ups, which is one of the reasons we ask our patients to visit our practice at least once a year.


Although not specifically an oral health concern on the surface, staining on the teeth can actually weaken the enamel, which means you’re likely to experience sensitivity and may also develop cavities. The enamel is the tooth’s protective layer, so by keeping it clean and well looked-after, you’re helping the health of your smile, too.

4.Poor healing response

There may be cases you need your mouth, teeth or gums to heal quickly following a procedure – but smoking can affect wound healing. For example, in the case of dental implants, you won’t be able to have the crown part of the implant fitted until the root has healed properly and adhered to the underlying jaw bone. Smoking can also affect the success rate of dental implants, which makes sense, given that it can lead to gum disease, and eventual deterioration of the gum and jaw bone.

What about other types of smoking?

Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, recreational drugs or a vape, there can be serious consequences for your oral health. There have even been studies that show that chewing tobacco can be detrimental, being associated with oral cancer. The best decision you could make in all these scenarios is to quit, and if not, to consider cutting down.

How can The Smile Centre help me?

We can help you quit smoking with tips, tricks, techniques and advice, and can also carry out dental health checks to ensure your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy. Get in touch with our expert dentists at our dental practice near Bodmin, and we’ll arrange for a consultation in the New Year.