How to choose a family dentist

According to a government report on children’s oral health, 1 in 4 children start their first day of school showing signs of tooth decay. With everybody in the UK theoretically having access to a family dentist, how can this be the case? Why are people not taking their children to the dentist regularly? Would they perhaps be more conscientious about it if they knew that tooth decay in milk teeth can have a lasting effect on adult teeth?

Ideally children will be taken for their first dental appointment as soon as their milk teeth appear. This will give a family dentist the chance to demonstrate to kids that visiting the dentist can be fun and certainly not something fear-inducing. As soon as your child is old enough to understand, we can teach your little ones correct brushing techniques, and in this way, equip them to look after their own teeth effectively.

Decay, cavities and gum disftheease all stem from not brushing away the food deposits that remain on your teeth after a meal. Being shown how to do this well will help your child avoid future dental problems. If you’re still brushing your children’s teeth for them, can you be sure that you’re doing the most thorough job possible? We can also help you look after your child’s teeth better.

What makes a great family dentist?

Dentists, like our team members here at the Smile Centre, who provide family appointments, will make your life easier. This means you and your kids can have your teeth checked during one appointment. When choosing your family dentist, somebody who has experience with kids will be a bonus, as will somebody who can deal with children’s dentistry issues sensitively. A child-friendly environment is also important.

The principal dentist here at the Smile Centre, Dan, has children himself and Maxine is trained to work with children. They are both very empathetic towards the dental needs of children and their parents. We have put a lot of effort into creating a friendly atmosphere here at our dental studio and we provide toys for kids to play with in our waiting area as well.

We fully appreciate that dental fear is real. If you’re a nervous parent who doesn’t want to display nerves in front of their children, our sensitive dentists will help you relax. The steps of any dental treatment you need will be explained thoroughly, so you won’t receive any unwelcome surprises.

Children’s dentistry plans

We offer a special dental plan that is specifically aimed at parents looking to provide regular tooth-care for their children right up until they’re 22 years of age. It’s called the Sunny Smiles Plan, teaches the importance and techniques of good oral hygiene and will look after any dental problems as they arise.

What we can offer is an experienced family dentist who can help your kids appreciate that dentists are here to help you, prevent tooth problems, but also provide treatment should any issues arise. To register with us, please give us a call on 01579 342348, or email us and we’ll guide you through the registration process.