What to expect from your dental implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary treatment in the dental world, and their popularity shows no signs of stopping. At The Smile Centre, we can personally guarantee you natural-looking and incredibly strong dental implants that’ll not only improve the function of your mouth, but also your self-confidence!

There are many reasons why people are turning to dental implants or are being referred them by their dentist. In this blog post, we’ll go through a few of the reasons and explain what makes dental implants so life-changing.

Replacing a missing tooth

Losing or breaking a tooth can not only affect your self-esteem regarding your appearance, especially if this tooth is near the front of your mouth. But losing a tooth actually put immense strain on the surrounding teeth, as they no longer have that tooth to lean on and help them bite into food. The remaining teeth can drift into the gap of the lost tooth, causing further gaps in your smile and making the remaining teeth crooked. Furthermore, your bite is affected as you have less teeth to help breakdown food.

No reliance on the surrounding teeth

Your natural teeth all rely on the teeth around them for support, whereas due to the fusion to the jawbone, dental implants don’t need to rely on other teeth. This is exceptionally important if you are having a single dental implant. Whereas dental bridges do rely on the neighbouring teeth for support, dental implants are incredibly strong and therefore can be placed amongst weaker teeth.

Easy maintenance

Unlike removable dentures which can be damaged during removal from your mouth, can be left on the side and damaged or can even be lost when left around, dental implants are non-removable. They are screwed onto the jawbone, meaning that they cannot leave your mouth. There are no cases to hold them in or the worry if you can’t find them. For many people, their permanent nature is a very attractive quality. Dental implants are very easy to look after, they are to be treated like natural teeth.

No speech problems

For many people, they worry about extensive dental work giving them problems with their speech. Unlike dentures which over time can cause problems with speech due to a shrinking jaw bone, dental implants remain fixed to this jawbone and therefore do not cause these problems.

If you decide to go forward with dental implants, the process itself is exceptionally easy and straightforward. We have a blog post on the process in detail, which you can find here!

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