Dentures Vs Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth restores bite and chewing function, supports the structure of the face, improves your speech and, best of all, enhances your smile. But have you ever wondered which is the best option for you – dentures or dental implants? Today, our team of top dentists serving Liskeard detail the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision about the future health and appearance of your smile.

Dentures: the pros

#1: Great value
Dentures can be a cheaper alternative to dental implants, though they will need replacing at some point in your lifetime.

#2: Removable
You may like to take a break from wearing dentures now and then – or overnight, for example. As they’re removable, this is easy to do, but ensure you soak and store as directed by your dentist. 

#3: Procedure
There’s no surgery required with dentures – even though dental implants only require a minimally-invasive procedure. This means zero risk or downtime for patients.

Dentures: the cons

#1: Removable
The removable nature of dentures can also be seen as a negative – some prefer the fixed, permanent nature of dental implants. Also, the adhesive must be worn when wearing dentures, and it’s not uncommon for them to slip about or even click.

#2: Maintenance
You’ll need to soak and clean your dentures daily, while dental implants only require usual brushing and flossing.

#3: Diet
You may need to alter the menu! Certain types of food might not be suitable for dentures, such as particularly hard and crunchy foods. It’s also possible that some things could cause staining. 

Dentures Vs Dental Implants

Dental implants: the pros

#1: Long-lasting
Tooth implants can last a lifetime with the right care and attention – and are no harder to care for than your natural teeth. 

#2: Realistic
Tooth implants mimic the shape, colour and overall appearance of your smile and are custom-made for your mouth.

#3: Diet
As well as smiling with confidence, you’ll be able to eat all the foods you love with no dietary restrictions. 

Dental implants: the cons

#1: Cost
Though tooth implants are permanent, realistic and have other fantastic benefits, they can be expensive if replacing multiple missing teeth. However, we do offer finance to make it easier to budget for treatment.

#2: Procedure
Tooth implants are placed in two parts – a metal root, then a ceramic crown, with healing (and a temporary crown worn) in-between. While we’ll keep you as comfortable as possible, and little in the way of side effects or downtime is expected, it is a type of minor surgical procedure.

#3: Suitability
Tooth implants may not be suitable for everyone – such as in cases of bone or gum recession. However, your dentist can advise you and may be able to suggest alternatives. 

So, there you have it! Talk to us today, and book a consultation here in Liskeard when it suits you.