Ways To Care For Your Smile

When it comes to your teeth, you might think it’s a simple matter of brushing and flossing. But there’s so much you can do to care for your smile, and getting it looking and feeling is best (and healthiest).In this post, our team of dentists here at our Liskeard, The Smile Centre dental practice share a range of tips and tricks that can bring out the best in your smile–and your confidence.Read on to find out more…


We always stress the importance of dental check-ups in caring for your smile. Why?Because you can have hidden decay, our expert dentists can spot signs of gum disease or other potential problems, and it gives you the chance to chat to us about any aspect of your oral health, including everything from recommended tooth pastes to nifty techniques for removing plaque

2. Mouthguards

Nobody really likes the feeling of a mouthguard, but if you’re an active individual pursuing contact sports, our dentists stress that wearing one is absolutely essential.They’re there to help protect your teeth in case of accident or injury, and could prevent restorations or expensive (or emergency!) dental work.

3. Retainers

We’re often surprised by the number of patients who achieve their perfect smile with Invisalign braces, only to let it slip because they stop wearing their retainer. A retainer is meant to ‘retain’ the positioning of the teeth–our dentists consider them one of the most important parts of your teeth-straightening journey. If you’ve gone to the time, trouble and expense ofInvisalign, then consider wearing your retainer, too!

4. Diet

One of the leading causes of tooth decay is sugar–the reason it’s often called the enemy of dentists! If you have a high-sugar intake with your diet (whether through foods or drinks), consider making some little swaps or cutting down (or cutting out)some of the more ‘naughty’ foods.

5. Lifestyle

Some of us drink alcohol too much (or too often), and others smoke or vape. Our dentists agree that all of these bad habits can affect your smile. Alcohol is drying, which prevents the mouth from making enamel-fortifying saliva, while smoking has been linked to gum disease.

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